Things I’ve noticed…


I’ve been living on this earth for a bit over 50 years now, and I’ve noticed a thing or two. Some of this has to do with normal aging, but some is just things I’ve noticed over the years.

1) I’ve always liked spicy food, but I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t like me. I won’t go into all the symptoms, but I’m glad modern medicine has kept up with my eating habits. Tums and Rolaids just don’t cut it anymore. Thank goodness for Zantac… Maybe the medicine world will keep up with me as I get older year after year.

2) For some strange reason I just can’t sit in the lotus position as long. My knees and ankles rebel at the thought. I’m still limber enough to flex, but my body doesn’t like the same position, any position for very long. At least I’m getting my exercise by moving around. No, I can’t touch my toes now, but I couldn’t in high school, long legs, short arms (really).

3) The old eyes just don’t focus as well. Oh well, I guess that’s why they make glasses. What is funny is that I used to be able to focus on distant object while wearing my reading glasses. That takes some doing now, but gives me a headache if I do it to long.

4) People respond better if you are nice to them. People respond quicker if you are loud and obnoxious. People give you strange looks if you sound like Stitch or Bullwinkle. 😉

5) Friends are worth their weight in gold. If you could convert them to gold, would you choose heavier friends?

6) Being alone is not the worse thing in the world. When you know what true companionship is, and you are now alone is in the top 10 of the worse things.

7) Tomorrow doesn’t always come, so make use of your time today. See the first part of number 5, it makes it easier to use your time today with friends.

8) I’m glad they never developed a way to get smell over TV. Some of the shows are real stinkers.

9) Sunsets should be time to reflect on the day. Sunrises should be a time to plan the day. Rest in between them, you may need it.

10) Sleep is overrated until you don’t get enough of it.

2 thoughts on “Things I’ve noticed…”

  1. Those are some good points.
    I was never able to touch my toes in school when it was required for physical tests either, but then one day when I was in my 20’s, I was able to do it (don’t know why I tried it all of a sudden) – I guess it took that long for my arms and legs to become proportionate.
    And I hear you about not being able to sit in the same position for awhile – it’s easy to get sore that way!

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