The Status Quo


According to the Wiktionary (or probably some dictionary) Status Quo is “…, a commonly used form of the original Latin “statu quo” – literally “the state in which” – is a Latin term meaning the current or existing state of affairs.” Of course if you want to keep things just the way they are, you would be keeping the Status Quo.

I find this to be a strange state of affairs myself. As much as I like things to stay the same, I also like some changes in my life. I have my own “comfort zone”. When everything falls in my comfort zone, I am a very happy camper.

There are times when my comfort zone changes. Some are forced changes. Those things that I have no control of. These things have to be accounted for and adapted to. For me, depending on the severity of the change, I can be moody or down right depressed during those time. How long they last also depends on the severity of the change.

At other times, the changes are less dramatic, and mostly in my control. I actually look forward to some of these changes. They prevent life from getting too boring. They add zest. My comfort zone shifts just a little bit. Most things are the same with one or two things added or subtracted. In that I grow, learn, live and enjoy my life.

My life is currently in one of those less dramatic comfort zone changes. Mostly in my control, but not everything. I’ve had more than my share of unalterable changes, so this is a welcome relief.

Here is to living in a comfort zone, that doesn’t believe in the Status Quo.

2 thoughts on “The Status Quo”

  1. Change can be a good thing. When changes are not so good, we learn to adapt and become better for the change even if we become grumpy about it;)

  2. I used to be one who loathed change, but I think it takes practice to learn to like it, and I’m a million times more receptive to it these days – I might even venture to say I’m adaptable!
    Of course like you say, it depends upon the type of change – obviously some are easier to adapt to and to like.
    I really like the way this post was written! 🙂

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