The day is gray


I’m not sure how it started out, it was still dark when I arrived at work.  I’m not sure how the day look all day, I have no windows where I work.  But the day was gray anyway.

For this reason or that.  Human error and computer malfunction played havoc on the day today.  All morning seemed to be a rush to get nothing accomplished.  Everytime something was tried it, for some reason, failed.  The day was gray.

This type of day is very draining.

But even with all of that, there was humor in the day.  That little bit of silver lining, perhaps?

Coffee just wasn’t doing it this morning.  Even though I enjoy my cup of joe in the morning, it just didn’t hit the spot like normal.  When this occurs, as it does from time to time, I go to a cup of tea or two.  After heating my water, I went back to my desk for a nice cup.  A few minutes later, I was drinking my brew thinking it was very weak.   Then I noticed, the dry teabag was still sitting next to the cup.  I was drinking a cup of hot water.  Now at that point, I knew the day was going all wrong.  I’m lucky it got better in the afternoon.

So, how was your day?

3 thoughts on “The day is gray”

  1. relatively speaking

    I was running errands and felt more like I was in a dodge’em car rink. I had to avoid 3 cars were people where not watching where they where going & almost hit me. A good day to have stayed home.

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