The Blizzard that wasn’t


Yes, there was blowing and drifting snow. Yes the conditions for NW Ohio were miserable. The roads needed to be cleared, and people needed to be safe.

The local stores were picked bare by people in a panic. For one day worth of storm.

Yes, this storm could have been bigger. Other areas were hit harder. But unlike the last Big blizzard that still has people talking, we were well informed. The road crews were ready. Schools and businesses were prepared. And then we got the snow.

Not much, but enough to make life a bit troublesome when it was combined with high winds. Back in the woods, I wasn’t even cooped up for 24 hours. We would have been able to get out by noon today. Not that I would have wanted to, but we could have.

Back in 1978, people were house bound for days. I remember helping get food to people stranded in and around Defiance Ohio. People with Snowmobiles, 4WD vehicles, tractors and one guy with a dune-buggy VW helped get things and people where they needed to be. I’m sure that if this storm had packed the same punch, the reaction would have been the same.

Still waiting, and hopefully this will be a long wait, for the next big storm.

12 thoughts on “The Blizzard that wasn’t”

  1. We got 13 to 15 inches of snow depending on what area of town you were in. There were even 6 foot drifts in some parts. Although difficult, I was doing ok shovelling the driveway until the snow plow went by and plugged the end of it. I would love never to live in the area of the next big storm. šŸ™‚

  2. I agree with you Justj – I don’t think this one came close to the Blizzard of 78 – at least not for us. It’s a different story in Chicago. This one was the third biggest in history for them, which might possibly change to the 2nd before it’s all said and done and they can really see what damage there is. All this in a place where people do not like to shut down – I am thankful I was not a part of it there. It always seems like we get the least of anything, doesn’t it? A good thing; another reason I love where we live!!

  3. I was grateful that the storm was exactly the size it was. Not big enough to damage anything really, but big enough to be a Level 3 Snow Emergency, thereby giving me a “snow day” from work. I’m good now for the next couple years. šŸ™‚

  4. Yep, 18-22″ over here. Me and a shovel and a driveway yesterday- and still work expected to be done since my internet connection was still up and running. Still haven’t really touched the 5′ snow dune in front of the garage though. Too cold today- Sunday maybe.

  5. Sizzle…Ouch! Anyhoo- I was just agreeing with Lā€™s statement of my area. 18-22ā€ with drifts measured in feet. I managed to clear most of the driveway- just me, my shovel, and snow nearly two feet deep. Except right by the house (more like 2ā€) and the back of the driveway with the snow drifts.

  6. WOW! BE CAREFUL! I was reading interviews with doctors who were saying how hard it is on your body to suddenly shovel a lot of snow.

  7. I did it in stages, while doing quality control for my job as breaks (as well as goofing off šŸ˜† ) since the internet was still up and running.

  8. I think I see- usually, you can see a comment still awaiting moderation until it’s approved or deleted. Once I did a true login after posting here, I didn’t see the comment still in moderation anymore since it was no longer “mine.”

    Anyway, more snow now == more pain in my right arm to shovel it. Sigh.

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