Thanks, Congratulations and Apologies


First and foremost this past holiday weekend was to remember those who served this country as part of the military. A special thank goes out to all members of the services past, present and the future. They all gave more of themselves than I will ever know. Special thoughts go out for two of these servicemen, my father and brother.

I’ve also used this weekend to remember loved ones no longer living. They are gone but never forgotten. Sometimes I think there are way too many for my span here on this earth.

Congratulations go out the the numerous graduates I know, both from High School and College.

Belated, although not entirely missed congrats to a couple who celebrated their 4th anniversary. I hope you enjoy or enjoyed the bison steaks. I enjoyed the gathering Saturday and I’m glad I could get your gift to you.

And of course I am sorry to all the people who had gatherings this weekend that I was not able or did not attend. I totally forgot the Sunday pot-luck, for some reason I thought it was next week. Big Sorry there. Sorry about missing the special Saturday game night, but I was delivering an anniversary present to my little draclet and her husband. And there is that regular Saturday function that I am so fond of. [OK, there were a lot of personal wants and desires here, it doesn’t mean I didn’t want clones for the weekend. 😉 ] So to my fellow bloggers, who planned weekend activities, I’m sorry I didn’t show up.

And finally thanks to my daughters. The time you give your dear ol’ dad is a gift I will never forget. If you are ever at a loss for a gift for me, remember those words.

5 thoughts on “Thanks, Congratulations and Apologies”

  1. I especially remember my heavenly mentor this time of year. She was always a staunch supporter of the military and her son is a Captain in the (hope I get this correct) Army.

  2. I missed seeing you this weekend- maybe next time. Thought I was going to see you game night when someone said they spotted J passing by- turned out to be another J I hadn’t met before.

  3. We are always grateful for time we get to spend with you – the bison is just an added bonus! 😀 Love you, Daddy.

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