Strange dream


I don’t remember my dreams very often, but when I do they are always a little on the strange side. My latest dream (last night) was no exception. The exception was, is that it stayed with me all day. Usually I forget them by the time I drive to work. This one is still strong in my memory.

Started with me being in an apartment, instead of my house. That in and of itself isn’t too strange, but I it was supposed to be an apartment building I lived in before. I’ve only lived in two, and this wasn’t either of them. Anyway I was entering an apartment that wasn’t mine. It was by mistake. I was trying to enter the apartment I had the last time I lived there. The lady living in the apartment wondered what I was doing, and I explained I just had a brain freeze and jumped back 20+ years. She laughed and dropped the bag of stuff she was carrying. As I helped pick up the stuff, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek. Strange, but it seemed important at the time.

Jump some indistinct time period, I find that some other lady in the apartment building is planning to murder me. I didn’t know why or how, but I was able to listen in to the entire conversation without anyone knowing. Going out the the garage to contact the authorities, I’m shoved into a big black van. I’m assuming these are the guys that will do me in. No, they’re a rock band that live in another apartment. They needed me to run their lights and sound for their gig. The first lady met is going to be their lead singer. Now the van drives off and is pursued by a red corvette.

The band and lady turn out to be some sort of government agents. They push me behind some crates, open the back doors of the van and start shooting at the Corvette. The guys in the corvette shoot back. We are going quickly down a highway that looks a lot like I95 in Florida?? Where did that swamp come from?

Van doors close and the FBI guys are again a band. I run lights and sound for the gig and head back home. I meet the lady who was setting up my murder and she wants to go out on the town. Thinking nothing of this I go, followed by the FBI guys again.

Then I wake up, only I’m still in my dream. I go to the apartment of the first lady, really thinking that she would be interested in the dream, only to discover that she lives with the second lady and they are plotting to kill me. I run out the door, only to run into the van full of FBI guys. The wild chase begins again… Then the alarm rings.

Yep, time to get up and go to work.

2 thoughts on “Strange dream”

  1. Sounds like someone telling you to write a movie? I tend to have chase dreams myself, me being chased by someone or other in some plot or other.

  2. I’m not so sure about the movie idea. I’ve had better movie dreams. This one didn’t have the flow of a good movie dream. I’ll have to write the next movie dream out so you can see the difference.

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