Sometimes things happen


I’m in a bit of a funk today. Actually, I should say this afternoon and evening. The morning and early afternoon were just fine. Then I got a bit of sad news. That sent the rest of the day into a tailspin. I’m not sure why this happened, but it did. Anyway, I was hoping that by typing this up, my mood would improve a bit.


Life gives us constant reminders that it is a fleeting, temporary thing. How we deal with that those reminders help make us who we are. I just wish I wasn’t reminded so often, and that those reminders didn’t bring back all of the other reminders I have had.


Life lived to its fullest gives joy to all who share it and sadness to those left behind after the life is over.


A smile shared can lead to friendship. A tear shared can lead to trust. A friend you can trust is worth all the wealth in the world.


There are many people missing from my life and I miss them all.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes things happen”

  1. You said, “I was hoping that by typing this up, my mood would improve a bit.” I hope you found that to be true. If you feel like talking, let’s have a dinner. Otherwise, blog away and I will send general prayers your way.

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