Searching for myself


and I found me and a bunch more.

There was a time before the internet (Oh yes there was, I remember it…), when I thought that there were only two people with my name. Me and the priest (great uncle) I was sort of named after. Of course when Google came into existence, I googled my name. I didn’t find me then, but I found some interesting others.

Now when I google my name, I do find myself and some more interesting others. My place of employment now has some web presence, so I am there. I found myself in some local papers because of involvement in some local activities. I found my name on facebook, but it wasn’t me. I found myself on a Voter polling site. I’m sure it was me, but I wouldn’t trust the accuracy, they still had my dad listed as a voter.

The others with my name were so more interesting. They tend to dance and sing or even play sports. Some are related. Some are not. Yes, I found out that even though the name I have is relatively rare in the states, it is more common in other parts of the world. Most of them are not related, as far as I have been able to find out. Not that I am looking that hard.

But the sad thing about this, is that I wasn’t able to find anything on the me I was looking for. 🙁 Maybe I should try Hare Krishna.

4 thoughts on “Searching for myself”

  1. I too search for myself – who doesn’t? Under my current (married and favorite) name, I get me, myself, and I – unflattering pics if I do an image search, but not worth my time to get better ones out there. But if I search for myself using my maiden name, it’s a different story – there are tons. But that’s ok, not my name anymore, so I’ll share it. And I did know before the internet that there is a woman with my (pre-marriage) name who writes as the Jerusalem Bureau Chief for Time magazine – my 7th grade English teacher got a big kick out of that. But there is also one of us (them) who is a semi-famous photographer, who lives in the same town where I grew up – small world (not).
    So when you say in the 2nd to last paragraph – “some are related, some are not”, does that mean related to you or related to each other?

  2. I am sure many share my name, but I haven’t looked that I recall (so I guess this may answer your rhetorical question, taylhis 😉 ). Sometime. I do know my first name is a Hebrew word and there was once a video game with it as the title.

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