On my last phone I could set ringtones for each caller if I wished. I could also download ringtones (usually for some nominal cost, but I never did that). On the new phone I can make my own ringtones. I can record something and set that to be a ringtone. Bits and pieces of MP3 files can become ringtones. The only limitation I can see is my very fertile imagination and the time I would need to spend on each ringtone.

I thought of recording each daughter saying “Hey Dad it’s me.”, but then I remembered that over the phone they all have similar vocal characteristics. I could record myself telling me which daughter is calling, but then anyone within earshot would know which daughter is calling me. Interesting concept, but not enough imagination yet.

I guess I could do my Stitch or Bullwinkle impersonations and make a slightly different message for each daughter. Maybe, maybe???

I could find bits of their favorite songs and set those as ringtones. One daughter is very, very easy to pick — Anything Star Wars or Frogs. I don’t think I’ve heard any phone that rings with a Bullfrog croak. Dogs barking for the young Vet Tech student?
Something that sounds tropical for the daughter in Florida? Or maybe the sound of a zoo, since I hear she has the start of one. And the oldest, hmm?? I will need to think on that one.

I currently have some picked out, so I can recognize some of my callers, but what about friends? Should each friend have their own ringtone? Should I group some friends together? Group my work contacts together? Have some annoying default tone for anyone not on my contact list? The choices seem to be endless, but I will get tired of this soon.

Do you want to have you’re own ringtone. What would it be?

8 thoughts on “ringtones?”

  1. My favorite song is “Walkin’ on Sunshine”……if I’m going to be your director, you’re going to have to add me to your phone!!!! hahahahahaha

  2. No, I will not be using text messaging anytime soon. I have that turned off on my phone plan. Don’t like it, don’t want it.

  3. Somehow our home phone was programmed with 2 ringtones – a friend’s cell is Fur Elise, and when the church calls, it’s We Wish You a Merry Christmas. We have no idea how those were programmed for just those people, but it is a very useful feature.
    If I got to choose my own ringtone on your phone (course I don’t call you that much), I would like Steve Goodman’s Go Cubs Go. But maybe we should wait until next season for that… 🙁

  4. I’ve been using video game midis, and have tried song segments in the past. Lately I have been thinking of changing to sound effects. I agree that paying for ringtones is ridiculous.

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