Lost a post…


I really don’t know what happened to it.  I finished a post, and was sure I pressed the publish button, but it is gone.   I typed it so fast it didn’t seem to have tome to save a draft copy either???  Oh well, it was only electrons.

Another blog got me thinking about security.  As children we carry blankies, have our favorite stuffed animal or something else we just won’t part with.  Our parents can also give us a sense of security.  They hug when we aren’t feeling well, the kiss to “make it all better” are ways we feel secure.  Then we grow up.

In our high school days being part of a group can make us feel secure. You may be surprised how many students have a favorite book, pen or key chain.  Little things they can hold to make them feel better.

As we get to be adults, different things give us security.  Money in the bank, a good car, a cell phone, a good job, the lock on the front door, your SO or spouse.  Just losing one of the things that make you feel secure as adult can be a life altering blow.  Some people never find their way back to normal when they lose their security blanket.  Cases of depression can be caused by lack of secure job, being robbed (that lock didn’t work), losing your money, getting in a car wreck, losing a loved one.  And then we, as adults, wonder why our children don’t want to give up their blankies….     Just food for thought.

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  1. I don’t really wonder why my daughter doesn’t want to give up her blankie… but you’re right – as adults we have to deal with the same issues, many times much worse than losing a blankie as a child… so best to “train” for it now!

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