It was some day


First one big cheer!! I finally got my truck back from the body shop. It looks great and I can’t even tell a deer hit it. 1 week without my truck and driving around in a mid-sized car, grump, grump. Even though I have a mid-sized truck, I missed the higher ground clearance and view. What really surprised me, was that I missed the gas mileage. The car I was driving got around 20-22 miles per gallon, my truck on the other hand gets 25-28 miles per gallon. This is mostly highway driving, I’m sure the in-town driving is much less for the truck. Since I usually drive highway miles, that is what I need to measure. The 3+ extra miles per gallon made a difference in the driving I had to do last week.

For those who aren’t in the know, I use my truck as a truck. If there had only been dents and dings on the body after the deer hit, I would probably have left it alone. But I was without my front driver side head lights, and that needed some attention. I was 1 week without my truck during the coldest/snowiest week of our winter. So it was a bit harder moving firewood and driving through deep snow.

The other part of my afternoon was spent with a Doctor. Turning 50 early next month has prompted my Dr. to want me to get all sorts of preventive procedures. Today was a meeting with the Dr. who will perform the first of many procedures. I won’t go into what will be involved in the procedure, just need to say I will be sedated through the whole thing and then need a ride home. I really don’t like being driven anywhere, and it gets worse when I am in an incapacitated mode. My daughter should have fun!!! This will be the first of many such tests and procedures I will have over the next few years. Can’t wait.  😯

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  1. I’ve only had 2 surgical procedures done in my lifetime, I’m not sure how good of patient I will be. The first was when I was very young and involved a swing set accident. The second was quick in and out sort of thing. I’ve never been put under.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve gone under, too. But I’m sure that your new ones will be for the best. But onward…

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