Interesting April


So far April has been a time for family. I was able to see all of my daughters at one time. This is rather difficult since one of them lives in Florida. I wish we would have had time for dinner together, but that did not happen. Time seems to get in the way. Lives have to be lived. My daughters are now all adults (even the youngest WOW!), so they have their own priorities. Of course they had their priorities when they were younger, but let’s just say thier parents’ priorities overruled the wishes of the children. Now, as adults, they have more to say on what they do. This is as it should be. I may not like the choices they make, but they need to make their own way.

The hardest thing for a parent to do is let his/her children live their own lives as adults. I no longer have final approval on their activities. I can no longer press my will on them. I do let them know what I think. I’ve never been shy about that with them. I will give my advice when asked, or if I really feel it is needed. The choice to follow it, is theirs. I try not to intrude, as I say they are all adults.

Those thoughts filled the early days of April. It seemed just as my daughter and her family headed back to Florida, they two youngest were in a play. I spent most of two weekends at the theater watching them sing and dance. Family members from near and far came to see the show. I was happy to see all of them at the show. So far, April has been a time for family, and it will continue next week for Easter. As I get older, it seems that family becomes more important than it was before. Of course, the very thought of family becoming more important to me would not have made much sense 10-15 years ago. I always held my family as important. It just seems that I found that sense of importance grows every year.

It was wonderful to see all the family I did. I’m sorry I missed seeing a few. And I miss the many who are no longer with us.

Hold your family to your heart. Treat each meeting with love and respect, as you will never know when you will see them next.

3 thoughts on “Interesting April”

  1. Family is so important and my favorite way to spend time.
    I’m glad you’ve been getting a lot of family time.
    Easter is quickly becoming a favorite holiday of mine!!
    If the gas prices agreed with the sentiment of this post, I might find it easier to make the time to spend with family far away…

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