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I was in my favorite computer store today and had a weird thing happen.  I’m a very good customer at this place, and I’ve been going to it since it opened.  I tend to buy most of my computer stuff from that store.  They treat me very well and have always given me a good deal.  I went in today to turn in a video card that I borrowed to check out a system problem I was having.  I walked in on a complaint session.  It seems that a person did not get their computer in time.  Now this is a small shop that does not keep a large inventory in stock.  They order all the parts and custom build each machine.  All this and a good price too.  A problem they do have is being help up by delivery back orders.  For a custom built machine, this could set the time you get the machine back a few days. Apparently that is exactly what happened.

I’ve had that happen once or twice myself. I never gave it another thought.  If I had needed the computer or part by a specific day, I would have been able have the shop overnight the parts.  I never thought it necessary.  I never complained about the time of delivery.  It is part of doing business in a small town locally owned shop.

Now back to our complainer. I needed to talk to the owner of the shop to check on an order I wanted to make.  I stopped in during the time my daughter had voice lessons.  Apparently the complaint session had been going on for a while.  After 20 minutes, I had to leave and pick up my daughter.  I planned on stopping back after that.  5 minutes later they were still there.  I did some other shopping, 30 minutes later they were still there.  I stopped for dinner.  45 minutes later, the shop was now empty of customers.  I went in and carried out my business.   The owner thanked me for being such a good customer.  Normally he charges 1/2 down on orders.  Today I didn’t have to put anything down.  It was his way of thanking me for being the person I normally am.   Strange that common courtesy is so uncommon these days.  We deal with people that have to have it their way, and no other way will do.  The “I want it now” mentality is everywhere.   Too bad.

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  1. Yes, it was a long complaint session. To top it all off, there was only one person in the store at the time so they used up his time where he could not make any other sale. If they had waited one more day, they could have had the computer. It was waiting for a final component that had not been in the shipment when it should have been. The customers (there were two of them husband/wife I think) wanted their money back. They didn’t want to abide by the service fee schedule for canceled orders. They wanted cash back and now. And they even put it on a credit card!! This is what I heard first hand. I guess that same complaint went on for hours!!

  2. Hmm… people like that should just take their complaints to wmart and let the small shops keep the nice normal people.

  3. I have to wonder if the customer was being less than honest? I hope he refused to give them cash back and refunded their card instead. Otherwise there may be a charge-back coming.

  4. Knowing the owner of this shop, I’m sure he would not give out cash. I’m also sure he would have stuck to his guns on the restocking fee, especially after the long complaint session. I’ve always had better luck with refunds and the like being nice, than nasty.

    As the old proverb moral says — You can get farther with honey than you can with vinegar.

  5. Ah, yes the hostile return scenario I know it well :). And yes taylhis, those types should take their complaints to that place and leave the small shops the nice, normal people.

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