I’m going green


Ok, I think I should stop reading the news… I found this on people doing extreme recycling.

I’m all for getting by with less and taking my bottles and cans to the recycling center. I’ve seen how big Mt. Trashmore is getting just down the road from where I live. But taking old food out of dumpsters?!! Man, you have to draw the line somewhere don’t you? This just hit me wrong. I know people throw out a bunch of stuff that is still good, but once it is in the dumpster, ya just got to leave it there. Don’t you?

Maybe not… Hmm… There is a small gathering of friends this weekend. Maybe I can check the trash behind the local markets and restaurants to see what is available… Anybody else want to go extremely green?

4 thoughts on “I’m going green”

  1. Now, the curb shopping I’m guilty of. When you live in a nice neighborhood, you can pick up some really nice stuff once and a while; apartments are good, too, because people move out, and don’t have room for everything. it’s an unspoken rule: you put it by the Dumpster so someone else can have it. I recovered the cushion of a footstool, repaired a gliding rocking chair, and salvaged a really nice end table. Between that and family cast-offs, about 75% of my house is furnished in only-new-to-me. But it’s good stuff. Part of it is being handy. Why let the neighbors throw that away if I can fix it?

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