If a tree falls…


and it doesn’t hit the house, did it really fall?

In the back of my house, some 80 to 100 feet away from the house lived a rather large Oak tree that was at least 80 feet tall. This massive tree was about 3 feet in diameter at 5 feet off the ground. The trunk was a massive 5 feet across at the roots.

I think I was lucky that the wind blew the tree away from the house. Not that it was close enough to hit the house (it would have been close), but there was a good chance it would have knocked down other trees that would have hit the house. This tree had limbs growing out almost as wide as it was tall.

Over the past years I have been worried about it falling in the direction of the house. I wanted it cut down when I sold some timber about 10 years ago. They didn’t cut it down. This tree had a 1 foot by 6 foot gash in the trunk made by a backhoe some 30 years ago. This week spot was exactly where the tree cracked as it fell. It took a couple of good sized trees with it too. I should be set for firewood for this winter and maybe next year too. I consider myself very lucky that it fell when there wasn’t anyone around. I should post a picture or two before and after I start cutting it.

Anyway, I did not hear the tree fall. We had two windy periods this week, Monday/Tuesday and Friday/Saturday. I’m assuming (since I didn’t hear it fall), that I was not in the house during the fall. I’m sure the ground would have shaken a bit when this one hit. I’m also assuming that it did not fall on Monday or Tuesday. I’m fairly observant and I thought I would have noticed this tree when I let the dog out in the afternoon. My guess is that it fell some time Saturday afternoon, when I was tending the gate at the Oktoberfest. It got quite windy on occasion with some heavy gusts. I noticed the tree on Sunday morning. I was also looking at a great horned owl sitting on another tree. I don’t normally see owls out during the day, so I wonder if its home was destroyed when the tree fell. And that takes me back to the hundred acre woods with Pooh and his friends.

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  1. Fascinating tale. Speaking of Pooh… there is a new book authorized by the A.A. Milne estate continuing the tales in the 100 Acre Wood where “House on Pooh Corner” left off introducing a new otter friend.

  2. Heard that… Christopher Robin returns to Hundred Acre Wood… didn’t hear about the new otter friend. I like the Pooh storyline, but I can’t stand how they always misspell words… oh well, guess it fits in with all that foniks talk as of late.

  3. For anyone interested, I took some measurements of the tree today.

    95+ feet tall

    28 feet to the first branch.

    7.5 feet circumference just below the first branch. That’s about 2 feet 4 inches across

    12 feet circumference about 3 feet above the ground. That’s just a shade under 4 feet across

    It knocked down 4 other trees that all were about 1 foot across.

    I took some pictures, but my youngest has the camera with her at college.

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