How do I get home?


I was heading home in the usual direction after the play tonight. I found myself up against some high water that wasn’t there the day before (river crested today). So I backed up and headed down another county road. Low and behold there was water blocking that path too. I never remembered that area with water, but what ever. So back up and down a third road (remember these are 1/2 to 1 mile apart here in NW Ohio) and there was more water!!!

Now I’m somewhat stuck, how can I get home without going back to town. Really there was no way, so I had to do just that. Back to town and head down the main roads. This was a side jaunt of about 5 miles. Water was just under the bridge heading west out of town. The village cemetery was under water, or at least the access roads were. So there is still a lot of water hanging around.

Then I get to my road and I find another spot where water is crossing the road. Lucky for me, that it was only a few inches deep, or it would have been another turn around. And I was only 1 1/2 miles from home…

We haven’t had rain since Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, but in some spots the water is much higher than it as last night. The streams and rivers must be carrying that water from somewhere else.

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  1. Strange… we went over to look at an area that was completely under water as pictured in the newspaper the other day, and yesterday is was totally back to normal already! I couldn’t believe how quickly the water had receded! Guess that didn’t happen everywhere. I remember years ago that cemetery being under water. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to floating caskets or other damage!
    Glad to hear you finally made it home.

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