Helicopters and other flights of fancy


I still like toys, especially the radio control type. I have a small helicopter but the rechargeable battery will no longer hold a charge. It was a nice little toy that I could fly around the house. Kind of miss being able to fly it around.

I’ve had larger flying toys, but they generally required a lot of room to be able to run. Some needed very good weather to fly. Very calm winds were essential, or you could not control the aircraft. Some like kites required a decent breeze to fly. Powered or un-powered, these were a little escapes from gravity. Fun toys

At one time I knew someone who flew a plane. I went up in a small plane a couple of times. It was a great experience. I was also able to fly a few times in commercial aircraft. This was not as fun as the small plane, you just couldn’t see the as much out the windows.

I would like to try hang-gliding, a balloon or even a blimp, but these are things that can wait.

Doing a very good job on something, be it job or hobby related. Those are flying to me.

I have other flights of fancy that I can think of. Things that have nothing to do with flying. Watching my girls grow up. Just as much of a high. Helping friends and even people I don’t know can also be a flight of fancy.

The stage, computers, my daughters, family all fuel my flights of fancy. This is were my flying takes me.

3 thoughts on “Helicopters and other flights of fancy”

  1. All very cool flights of fantasy. Allowing your imagination to soar is another brilliant way to indulge. I would also love to experience other forms of flight.

  2. Ah, flight. Traveling in the third dimension. Ever have those dream of flying- without the use of equipment? I would wager (if I did such things) nearly all of us have, but I have to ask just the same. It makes me think of some older kids movies too, like Flight of the Navigator and Explorers.

    Drama and kid’s ministry are a couple of my own flights of fancy.

  3. I’ve had flying dreams. Recently they’ve been more of jumping dreams. Great big jump and float slowly down. Or the swinging on stuff a la Spiderman or Tarzan.

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