Green numbers on the clock


I’ve been pondering the past few months on the choice I made a couple of years ago on my alarm clock. The numbers are BIG!!! For my aging eyes that is a good thing. There is a problem, the clock is very bright. Most nights, I really don’t notice it, but when I am having trouble sleeping (tonight!!), the clock just seems to light up the room. While it isn’t quite bright enough to read by, I don’t have to turn on a light to make my way around anything I may find on the floor (dog?). I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t have looked for a different alarm clock. Tonight those BIG GREEN numbers are just passing by keeping me awake.

Really, I’m a bit of an insomniac anyway, so on some nights it doesn’t take much to keep my eyes open. I also have other complaints about the clock, but it does wake me up on most mornings, so it isn’t all bad. Even after staying awake half the night, the alarm/radio is loud enough to wake me.

But I did get my green in didn’t I…. One more color to go.

Now on to other “Green” things. The $$Cost$$ of gasoline this last weekend skyrocketed on limited supplies. I’ve heard of places where they have run out of gas, or even gas going for over $5.00 per gallon. This is when Oil prices dropped to below $100 per barrel. Now I realize the recent Gulf Coast Hurricanes disrupted the supply lines, but you would think after all these years of Hurricanes people would think to move as much gas as possible before the storms hit. Maybe not, but I think I would have done that. Shutting everything down is all well and good, especially since it does keep people safe, but some forethought is also needed. Just trying to save some of my green.

The green leaves are starting their fall change already too. Some of the early turners in this area are the Ash, Hickories and Walnuts. Driving through the country side you can see the few yellow/brown leaves in the small wood lots. Don’t blink though, these trees lose their leaves quickly. I remember going to college and the campus had mostly tall Hickories around the buildings. By Mid to late September all the leaves were gone from the trees. Made fall come very quickly. And if I remember correctly, they got their leaves later in the spring than other trees too. Long winters in NW Ohio….

One more color on my small list of eight crayon colors… And then maybe something else.. I never know where my thoughts will lead…

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  1. If people complain so much about our dependence on foreign oil, why is it that our gas prices skyrocket when something happens domestically?

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