Dream weirdness


I just woke of from a very strange dream. At first I was playing in a High School baseball game, but that soon turned into a ballgame with current friends and a few big league stars (and a couple of those are no longer with us). Then I’m in a play trying to discuss some deep philosophical point with Susanne Pleshett, she eventually morphed into many different people and I was still trying to discuss the same point.

I’m not sure what the original point was, but it was a discussion of what is good, and what is bad. And then when or how to make bad things worse, bad things better, good things better and good things worse. All very confusing, especially when it ended, I was trying to discuss this with my oldest daughter, while making a big ball of rope, just before a big family dinner at my parents’ house. Wonder what Freud would say about that dream…. 😉

Anyway, I woke up contemplating the Good/Bad discussion. My fuzzy 2 am brain just isn’t wrapping around the dream discussion at this time (It was very deep 😉 ) Maybe by putting these words down, I can remember the finer points to what was being discussed. Or, I will find out that it was only deep in the dream.. 🙂

Oh well, I’m going to think more on this latter, I need to sleep and I think I got out what was needed. Of course, I think I will need to re-read “When bad things happen to Good people”, or some other book of the same genre….

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  1. I am not a dream expert – I tend to think things in dreams mean different things for different people anyway. I’ve been having a rash of very vivid dreams lately… something with the way the stars are aligned? You being the astronomer tell me…
    A few I’ve been able to directly trace back to events that happened that day or thoughts I’ve been having, but like most dreams, some things have been completely random.
    Writing them down right as you remember them is a good idea, and it’s great that you can do this without disrupting your sleep cycle too much to want to stop.

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