Changing the past/future


Yes, I’m watching the Back to the Future trilogy. Fun little group of movies. But what I want to talk about is time travel and the little word ‘if’.

If you could go back and change something, would you? These thoughts have been in and out of my mind for the past 5 or so years. There are times when I would want to go back and try to change things. But I’ve always had the feeling that things would change for the worse. Kind of like the Back to the Future II. Change one thing and oops there goes everything else. Would it work like that. Most likely.

So knowing I couldn’t change anything that would make any changes. What about little things? Sure wish I could at times. Little things like being a better husband, a better son, a better father. What would it take, and what would that change?

Things going through my mind at this time. Changes to make or be made. I guess that is really the question. Every time I think about changing the past, I start thinking about changing the future. things I can change to be better than I was in the past. Worth while investment in time that. Instead of wondering about the what ifs, maybe I should wonder about the what wills. What will I do tomorrow, next week?

Food for thought.

7 thoughts on “Changing the past/future”

  1. I think it would be cool to be able to travel back in time to witness certain events but not to change them per se. I too have the feeling that that would lead to a BTTF 2 tragic story line.

  2. You should try the Stephen King movie, The Langoliers – it illustrates an interesting theory about time travel. We’ve seen it before but we started it again last night. Only recommended if you like King movies though. And this movie has Balki from the 80’s comedy Perfect Strangers as you’ve never seen him before, totally spooky.

  3. I’ve imagined going back and changing a few things, returning to the present and just hitting “refresh” to see if I like the changes, if I don’t I can always hit the “undo” button and return to the orginal way.

    But alas…we can not.

    All of the things in the past have influanced us in one way or another. Without our pasts we wouldn’t be who we are. I like who you are, don’t change. 8)

  4. How about to get rich quick? Go back to 1980-82, for example, and invest in Microsoft and Apple. Then take the stock certificates back with you to present time. Seriously, we could do so much damage with this. Too many people wanting to go back and assassinate someone ala Terminator or “fixing” mistakes, causing all sorts of havoc.

  5. derek, I’m sure time would find a way to mess things up if you went back for money too. Funny though, that wasn’t something that popped into my head.

    Laura, change is what I do best. 😉 Constantly changing. It usually helps.

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