I’m currently listening to Beethoven’s 5th symphony.  I wanted to put the 9th in, but didn’t see it in my cd area.  I found it after I started the 5th, and I’ll never turn down a 5th (quote from many movies, and books, not my usual mode of operation).

I’ve always liked Beethoven.  Maybe it was the fact that I started listening after reading all of those “Peanuts” comic strips.  Maybe it was because one of his symphonies was in Disney’s Fantasia.  Maybe is was because we had to listen to it in School.  Who knows.  But I do like it.  I like other classical music too, but I don’t get much chance to listen to it.  The younger people in my house tend to cringe when I put in classical or Jazz.   I’m eclectic in my music tastes though,  I like a lot of different music, as long as I can tell it is music. Don’t get me started on the Rap stuff.

Anyway, I quietly relaxing.  Typing the blog, and listening to good ol’ Ludwig.   Not much I can say about this piece.  But I’m wondering how many people actually would know it without the famous opening.  I’m at a point in the symphony now, that I don’t really remember from the last time I listened to it.  I imagine if I played this segment, most people would not put it together with the 5th.   Just makes me wonder.

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  1. Always fascinated me that Beeth-oven. Still an amazing composer…. how did he do it? Don’t get me started on the (c)rap, either.

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