Bathing a dog


If you’ve met Colin, my little corgi, you will know that he can be a grumpy little dog. He is older and set in his ways. If he doesn’t like it, he will grump, growl and grumble until you are done. I was sure that would be the ordeal I would face when I gave him a bath this morning. He has been shedding a lot during this last hot spell, so I thought getting his undercoat cleaned up and thatched would help him be a little cooler. And of course I wanted him neat and clean when he goes on his vacation this week.

Well I was a bit surprised after I got him wet. He grumbled on his way there, he grumbled as the water ran, but when I started scrubbing him down, he just relaxed. I think getting all that fur wet helped cool the little guy down. After the bath was finished, I was ‘allowed’ to give him a good brushing. He even rolled over and got a good belly rub. That hasn’t happened in a few years or more. “Check Paws” or “Rub the belly” were commands used to have him roll on his back. The thought was to make it easier for general grooming. After my dear wife died, those commands seemed to mean hide behind the couch. Today, rub the belly got the expected result. Hmm, maybe he needs more bath, or not…

All said and done, it was a good way to start my day.

5 thoughts on “Bathing a dog”

  1. I miss my puppy! But I know he’s being taken care and I’m glad to hear that he didn’t give you any trouble with bathing/brushing him.

  2. it was too cute last night. as i was getting ready for bed I notice Collin was up and about at 9:30 at night. I walked up to him and explained to him that it was too late at night him to be playing and that he needed to go to bed. he growled, grumbled, & complained. then finally he stepped on to the bed refusing to look at me. I walked away to finish getting ready for bed. when I walked out of the bathroom I noticed Collin wasn’t in his bed. I told him again, “time for bed Collin, Now”. he growled, grumbled, & complained. the second command must have worked because when I got up this morning he was still in his bed..

    John, I have a feeling your puppy will never be the same… lol

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