Another night of music.


After getting a few things done this evening, I sat down to read a bit and listen to some music. The story got put down early as I sat and payed more attention to the selection of songs playing. Random shuffle of songs I like played and stirred many memories.

Memories of children being born. Memories of good family times. Memory of love. Memories of people missing. Memories of people still around.

It has been said, that music touches the soul, and this I believe to be true. It is a gift to be able to recall the good times.

2 thoughts on “Another night of music.”

  1. I like random shuffle. You never know what you’re gonna get (to coin a phrase). And yes, music hath the power to stir the soul of humankind… and to calm the savage beast. PLAY ON!

  2. “It is a gift to be able to recall the good times.”
    This is a very nice sentiment and a positive thing to remember in times of sorrow- sometimes it’s hard to realize that, however true.

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