And now for something completely different…


Ah yes, Monty Python. From a BBC comedy series, to full length movies. Then the comedy troupe went their separate ways, sort of. A few of them combined talents again in Time Bandit, A Fish called Wanda and Time Bandits.

There is a reason I bring this up, and it isn’t that I saw any of the shows or movies. I haven’t read any news on any of the members of Monty Python. I was skimming through the channels and saw a commercial for a nature show, in it was a python. Yep, that’s all it took for me to jump to the comedy of Monty Python. And if you think about their comedy, it fits. Off the wall and sometimes completely unexpected.

I remember when they were first on PBS, my parents did not want me watching that filthy British show. I’m thinking they only saw the beginning credits, and didn’t know what the show was. I would try to watch it whenever they were out during the air time. I didn’t get to see too many, but I saw enough to shape what I considered to be funny.

And now for your enjoyment try here.

7 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…”

  1. Isn’t that how it always is? The parents tell you that thet “don’t want you to watch something” and then you do everything to do the opposite. And yes, I’m sure Python (monty, that is) would have been on that list. “This is a late parrot.” Late for…

  2. Never saw Monty Python, but my friend’s mom took us to see a Fish Called Wanda in the theater for some reason even though we were only 10. Needless to say, at that age, I had no idea what was going on and hated the movie, never watched it as an adult.
    Pythons are cool, very adaptable creatures. I saw a special on them about how they are establishing numerous wild populations in the Everglades which began when a hurricane destroyed pet stores in the 90’s and set them free. Fascinating.

  3. I remember Monty Python quite well. I enjoyed the movies and many of the TV skits. I remember wanting the video games at one time, but to this day even through emulation of old computers I haven’t really played any.

    Has anyone seen Spamalot?

  4. HMMM…. somehow I just can’t see that happening. But we could always throw it out at a play reading and have it summarily rejected.. AM I RIGHT?!

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