And I missed it.


Many people know that I really enjoy my coffee. My dear wife and I used to frequent a local coffee establishment until her death. During the many years of enjoying the coffee and company, I found that I know a thing or two about a good cup of joe. I was sad on the day that little coffee shop closed its doors for the last time.

I will still visit our other local coffee shops, but I no longer make it a weekly habit. I tend to buy good coffee and share it with the people I work with.

We also used to visit many small coffee shops while on vacation. I really liked getting the feel of a location in the local place. I did stay away from the big chain coffee shops, since their goal is to move people in and out. Most local shops have a customers that will stick around and talk over their cups of coffee, not stare into computer screens or newspapers.

But I am sad to say I missed visiting one coffee shop with a bit of a twist. I haven’t been to Maine yet, so I didn’t get to visit the ‘Topless’ coffee shop. It burned down this week. The owner had no insurance on the building, so it may be up in the air as to any reopening of the business. I am curious as to what my lovely wife would have thought of this establishment. I am sure that we would be glad our daughter worked at our local coffee shop and not the topless one…. 😯

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  1. I love the smell of coffee, but never acquired the taste for it. I do enjoy my cappucino on nights when I haven’t had any sleep and need to work.

    As for the topless cafe….I think it would be fun. The article mentioned it had topless males, also. Seems as though it was an accepted business in the town with few complaints.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Maine. Maybe I’ll wait till they rebuild…. 😉

  2. It must have been really hot and steamy in there and not just from the coffee. Sorry I missed it, too. I know of a small town diner in which regulars would sit around the round table and have their daily wrap session for hours. Too bad larger chains are in the habit of movement in and out the door.

  3. Another story of one who went too far in the name of morality. I refer of course to the recent shooting of the abortionist at his church when I say this. We should never take this sort of thing in our own hands. Pray and let God handle it His way. To be clear, I am not putting this coffee shop on the same level as the abortionist and his clinic; rather they are both examples of moral beliefs, right or wrong, being the excuse of these people (the shooter, the arsonist) to do wrong actions.

  4. I remember reading the article about this place when it opened – I thought there were lots of complaints, but maybe not. Probably not Greek lightning if there was no insurance. Was it arson or electrical or something accidental – guess I’ll have to read the article.

  5. Mary, I hadn’t read that. I did hear on the morning news the other day that they were accepting donations in the parking lot to re-open.

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