achoo, sniffle, honk, wheeze


Yes, hay fever season has started in NW Ohio. I’m not sure how bad it will be yet, but I have noticed additional sneezing and the itchy, watery eyes. My typical reactions to the Mid August weather.

Now I’m not complaining about this, it is something I’ve lived with most of my life. I’m used to the end of summer sneezing. No, I want to say something about the Optometrist I just went to. Actually not the Optometrist, but one of the office assistants. I’m not sure of their actual titles, but that really doesn’t make much difference.

Here is my story. Question 1 was “Is anything bothering your eyes?” Answer, “Yes, it is hay fever season and my eyes are irritated and watery.” Question 2: “Do you want to replace your glasses with contacts”. Huh!!??? I just complained of irritated eyes, and the very next question is do I want to put some foreign object in them? I’m sure it was on a list, but don’t people think anymore? I guess not. Anyway, the questions continue, and I’m asked again if I would be interested in contacts. I guess they didn’t hear the answer the first time they asked.

I have a feeling that contacts are a big money maker for the Optometrist and staff. To be asked this question twice, and get a rather strong no the first time, it kind of makes me wonder.

The rest of the visit went without incident, so I hope they now have on my chart that I really don’t want contacts. I did wonder though, do they make “reading” contacts? So far, that is the only thing I need my glasses for. Distance vision is still pretty good. They are putting me in glasses I will wear most of the time though. May be better anyway. I always forget to take them places, and that sometimes leads to some problems.

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