A sensitivity test


I went to see my daughter in the high school play.  This year they put on “Once Upon A Mattress”.   I won’t comment much on any of the singing.  I can’t sing, and I am no judge of the singing of others.  What sound good to me may not sound good to other people.

I will comment on the performances of the actors (students).  I’ve been involved in community theater for quite a while now, and I’m finally beginning to understand what it takes to make a good show. (some of my friends may argue my last statement, but this is my blog.  I saying what I want.)    The young people did a wonderful job getting into there roles.  Even the ladies in waiting and Knights of no lines.  While on stage, they all acted the part they were given.  Except for a few small present day items thrown in for humor, most of the time the actors were in the “Middle Ages” (fairy tale style of course).    People on stage were reacting  to (not just standing and ignoring) the other action on the stage.  In times where lines were missed (I’m not sure how many people actually noticed this, but as I said, I’ve been on stage before) the actors covered it with grace and the ability to stay in character.  A well performed play for such young talent.

The lead actors seemed comfortable with the songs, lines and character.  The Queen really stood out during one very long monologue.  It seemed like she ranted and raved for a good 10 minutes, barely stopping to get a breath in.  If you know the show at all, this is exactly the way the Queen should be.  The Prince played the perfect momma’s  boy through the show.  Princess Winifred played a very strong second to the Queen.  And finally the Lady Larken and Sir Harry gave a good backdrop to the reason behind getting Winifred to the Palace.  As I said early the smaller roles and the chorus roles held their own.  It didn’t look like they were added just to be a chorus.  They performed their parts and kept in their characters the entire time on stage.

Since this is a High School performance I won’t comment much on the directing or the stage handling of the show.  I’ll leave it said, that if this were at the community theater, I would make comments on the dance routines, and the way the stage was handled.  Some good, some bad — I think the students followed the direction given to the best of there abilities.

I am going again tomorrow, and I expect to be just as entertained as I was this evening.

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