A night off, sort of


No rehearsals tonight, and that is a good thing. I have to go over my lines again, but that is a given when in a play. Until it is over, the lines have to be comfortable in my mind. But it is an easier night.

I used my time to get a bit of shopping, and also some relaxation. So I found the ultimate in relaxation, someone else to do my housework. And here is someone that will work for peanuts, or dried fruit, and maybe some hamster food.

If the embeded youtube doesn’t work, here is the link
Bionic Hamster

5 thoughts on “A night off, sort of”

  1. Yes, J… break a leg! Sorry I can’t be there til next weekend but am looking forward to a wonderful show.

  2. Fun video. I wonder if it cost more for a bionic hamster than the 6 million dollars it cost to build the world’s first bionic man. HEHE

  3. That’s cool… but I bet that vacuum wouldn’t stand a chance in my house with all the debris caused by 5 pets and 4 kids – would be worth a try though. Break a leg! Hope to see you next weekend!

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