A new day


In my life, while I remember the big events, it always seems like little things make a big impact. Yesterday it was an unexpected email that sent bits of my little world into a spin. Today is was being able to see pictures of my far away kids, and phone calls to the 3 other siblings.

The sun was out, there were new and interesting events today. So it was a good day.

Of course I realize that it wasn’t just that one bit of email that I received. My mood has been missing a bit of jocularity. And it wasn’t just the few things I mentioned today that brought a bit of sun back into my mood. It just seems that the little things pile up and pile up until they become one big thing. And that last little thing upsets the whole thing. The final straw on the camel’s back. The final pebble or snowflake that starts an avalanche. You just never know.

And of course I wonder, what little thing will start me moving again? And which direction will it push?


In a smile, I saw all the things I would ever need or want. Now, all I want is to see is that smile again.

3 thoughts on “A new day”

  1. I completely agree about what you said about the little things piling up, things do tend to pile up till you think you can’t take any more. In my experience I remember two things; this too shall pass and God never gives you more than you can handle. I hope things do get better for you soon. You’ll be in my prayers. God Speed! 🙂

  2. I know the feeling… things pile up get too high and topple over creating a huge mess. Step back and breathe… literally 😉

  3. One of my many weaknesses is letting the little things get to me and pile up until I get really stressed about everything. I’m glad I’m not alone, but I just don’t know how to let things go! I figured, ok, I’ll just be proactive and start taking care of the little things that get to me, but for one reason or another, that doesn’t work… it’s frustrating!!

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