A little bit older


I went to dinner before going to the theater for another night in the light booth. It was a special dinner with Grandparents, Sisters and an Aunt and Cousin. It was in celebration of my youngest 17th birthday. This is her last year as a child. By law next year she will be an adult in society. My youngest is almost an adult. When did she grow up?

A very dear friend was saying something about her birthday coming up, and found it a bit overwhelming. Me, I’ve never had any problems with any of my birthdays, after all it is just a number. I do find I’m having a bit of trouble with other days. Daughters’ weddings, graduations, and their birthdays. Funny, I don’t feel old when I have my birthdays, I do on the other days mentioned. Today I saw the 17 year old that is my daughter. Talk about feeling old.

I guess that comes with being a parent. There are children who now call me Grandpa. Hmmm when did all this happen? Yesterday, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do when I grew up!

I’ll have to go find my cane, glasses and hearing aid and hobble over to the rocker…. Today I feel old…

2 thoughts on “A little bit older”

  1. Much more important than the number is the amount of experiences a person has had in his/her lifetime good as well as not so good. This is how we mature mentally.

  2. It’s not just the age that makes me feel old, it is the life experience also… thankfully things in our lives have slowed down a lot since moving to rural Ohio 🙂
    But being able to watch your “baby” grow from a pre-teen at 13 into a beautiful young lady of 17 makes me feel old also… but once I’m back on my feet and over the birthday milestone, I plan to stop dwelling on silly things like this… until she turns 18 – then help us all!

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