A day at the fair


Last Monday, I spend a good portion of the day at the Fulton County Fair. I will have to say that this is a very large county fair. It is also a real county fair, with all of the farm implements, crops and of course animals. There are food merchants galore, but I want to talk about just one of them.

Let’s talk about Bayou Billy. A wonderful little establishment that was set up on the grounds of the Fulton County Fair. Unfortunately, I did not see that little fair listed on the website’s event list. Did they just miss it. Will that particular food wagon show up at other sites that may not be on the event list? I really need to know. I may become a food wagon groupie.

Yes, the food was that good. I know one other semi-tangenteer that would like this food too. C — it had some real spicy kick too it. Especially the habanero pepper that was placed on top of my sandwich (by request). I’m going to be looking for more places that they will show up and may make a road trip or two. Yep, it was that good.

I found out from the website that you can order some of their sauces on line. I may have to do that for a game night.

Oh the rest of the fair? I had fun as usual. Played a game or two, but didn’t win anything. Shot a bow for the first time in many years. I think I need practice. A great day with family and friends.

3 thoughts on “A day at the fair”

  1. That was generous of you to call C a semi-tangenteer – clearly not for his blog posting frequency 🙂
    I passed by the Fulton County fair on my way to and from Toledo – quite a few cars there were. But I wasn’t surprised since I had heard that that Fair is a classic fair and a big draw. I will have to try it sometime. We did the Defiance County one this year, and I don’t know if I could classify that as a fair – the Bryan Jubilee was bigger! Not sure if we’re going to give the Williams County fair a try or not… Fairs are expensive!!

  2. Yes, fairs can be expensive. The food, the rides, the games. If I had visited the Bayou Billy food booth first, I think I would have saved a lot on food. I was completely satisfied after my Po’ Boy sandwich. I even bypassed my favorite sweet treats. Next year, I will also buy their tin mug. If I can find more places to visit, the tin mug offers $1.00 refills for life.

    Yes, the semi-tangenteer for his posting prowess. I am glad he decided to create this little virtual world for us to play in.

  3. Perhaps our semi-tangenteer will graces us with his skill as his favorite sport season kicks into high gear.

    I like a good county fair, also.

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