27 years ago today….


Apparently not much happened. I checked on various places that google found and the only reference for that date was that tennis star Arthur Ashe had bypass surgery. I found that Summer Solstice occurred at around 7:00pm Eastern Daylight Savings time. But then I knew that. I’ve known that time for most of these 27 years.

At almost exactly Summer Solstice in the year 1983, I proposed to my future wife. Later on she wondered why I picked that day. It was VERY early in our relationship, and it could have been assumed that this could cause problems. I stated as an absolute fact that the stars were aligned properly. My lovely wife knew, even at that point in our relationship, that I did not mean astrology. I was never a believer in horoscopes of any kind. She looked up what I meant, and found the time of the Solstice.

The timing was a complete coincidence, but it did help me remember that date. It was one anniversary that I could surprise her with. I always remembered to get her a little something special on the first day of Summer.

I remember that day even now. There are many important days that I tend to forget, but this will never be one of them. 27 years and counting. I remember that first day of Summer in 1983…

4 thoughts on “27 years ago today….”

  1. It’s wonderful that you didn’t let any silly reasons get in the way of an early relationship proposal – no regrets, just beautiful memories.
    Shame on all of those people who give early relationship proposals a bad name… who says true love has to wait?
    Beautiful post.

  2. Silly reason? Oh, there were a lot of good sensible reasons not to rush things. There were just more very good reasons to keep things going at the pace it was. I’m glad I had more months of good memories.

  3. I’m glad that you have more months of good memories too.
    I guess I was referring to my own experience. For me as I look back, I see that the reasons to prolong engagement and then marriage were more silly than sensible, so I wish I had listened to my instinct and jumped right into marriage like we wanted to. Not that I’m going to give my kids this same advice, haha 🙂
    We still have the great memories, but there are more of them as an unmarried couple than I would have liked. Society doesn’t really take you seriously when you’re young and in love and unmarried…

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