The Dukes of WCCT

Tonight, I was one of two ushers for WCCTs latest production (more on that in a bit).  The theatre was decorated with many Halloweenish spizzerinctum.  We also advertised the cookbook to which many of our resident theatre regulars contributed recipes.  In addition, samples of two of the desserts were distributed.  Tonight featured a Greek dessert called Galatobouriko (a “Cream of Wheat Custard”) and a lemon/pineapple offering… both of which are featured in the cookbook that can be purchased during the run of the current production. I was told that many years ago punch and cookies were furnished in the reception area free of charge.  Not very feasible in today’s economy.  My co-usher and I were given orange, pointy witch’s hats to wear as we passed out programs.

On to the play itself.  First, there was Lucy and Ethel.  Years later came Laverne & Shirley.  Now… brace yourself for Dolly and Isobel, The Kitchen Witches.  The only difference is… Dolly and Isobel detest each other.  The two cooking godesses are thrown together to star in a cable cooking show.  Food and insults are constantly flung which leads to great amounts of hilarity.  I adored the accent Dolly employed in the opening scene as she was filming the last scenes of her own cooking show.  What follows is a madcap mixture of Martha Stewart (or almost any other cooking show you can imagine) and Jerry Springer.  A cameo performer from the audience was pulled for a pivotal scene (not mentioning any names but the initials are C.D.).  When it was good, it was very good.  A few moments of downtime but a fun show.  There is also an uproarious nod to another classic 70s television series that is not to be missed.

Following the performance, I was invited to try a bowl of the director’s chili.  WOW is all I can say.  It actually was not too spicy until AFTER I had finished.  But it was delicious and spicy.  I had heard about Jose’s chili and am pleased to say that I was not disappointed.  So, if you are a fan of cooking shows and mudslinging television talk shows (is that what Mr. Springer’s show is categorized) hop a ride on your broomstick and catch WCCT’s latest offering.

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