The Curtain Is Coming Down


In another sign of the weak economy, I received an email from a dinner theatre in Akron, Ohio which has cancelled its 2009 season, putting 150 people out to work.  I attended a production of West Side Story a few years ago and was once again enchanted by the power of live theatre.  The Carousel began in a converted supermarket in 1973 (what a coinkidink) and moved to its current location in 1988).  The theatre has created a buzz in New York as it has recruited talent from the Big Apple.  Each musical was self-produced using equity performers.  Quite a shame to see artistic venues come crashing down during this economic crisis.  I also hear that New York theatre is not doing well, either.

The Carousel Dinner Theatre, LLC has cancelled its 2009 season and closed its doors effective January 4, 2009.

For the past year, the economy has materially affected the theatre’s attendance and its ability to make cost adjustments to keep pace with the decrease in attendance. The final tipping point became the reversal of certain stakeholders’ written or verbal promises that would have had a major impact on the theatre’s continuance for the 2009 season and beyond.

Mr. Joseph E. Palmer accepts full responsibility for this action and regrets the impact on one hundred fifty employees and their families and all others affected by this closure.

If you have made any advance purchases on your credit cards, you should should immediately contact your credit card company to process a full refund.

6 thoughts on “The Curtain Is Coming Down”

  1. I think that’s the one where I was dying to see Wizard of Oz but we couldn’t make it. Agree with Justj – shame to hear about any theater closing. Wonder how that one in Pennsylvania is doing that a fellow community theater performer went to…
    Oh, here it is:
    Derek, you should especially check this place out – we told you about it once and couldn’t remember the name. Maybe a good option for your future? Check out their gorgeous building and the awesome sets they have… especially the Ark.

  2. Sad to hear. 😐

    Taylhis, I did look it up awhile ago on what you thought the name was, but just briefly. I can’t imagine that this would help my career options out as I doubt the pay is very good, and I still have to help my mother out after all she’s sacrificed for me. It’s a dream, but one I fear will go unrealized.

  3. And Jamiahsh – might be an option for you to pursue as well… I don’t think the jobs they offer are permanent, so maybe members of your household would be more accepting if you weren’t gone forever…

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