That’s General Lord Glossop to you…

That’s right, not General Glossop, not Lord Glossop, and certainly not Mr. Glossop.  General Lord Glossop, thank you very much.  No, I am not on some sort of medication.  I am in a show, believe it or not.  What? I never mentioned auditioning for one?  Well, I didn’t.  I had actually noted this theater group’s auditions awhile back, but got caught up in work so I forgot about them.  Then less than a week ago I took another look at the green room and came back to that site only to see a cast list.  Nuts- I had wanted to try out for this show.  Then I noticed a blurb mentioning that they were looking for a few more men.  I couldn’t hit the contact us form fast enough.  A short time later I received not one, but two emails informing me that my interest was being passed on to the director.  Next morning, a call, and a request for my presence Sunday night.  Resume in hand I arrived at St. Joe’s (as they call it) nursing home where they do most of their rehearsals.  As I arrived, another theatre group, Tesseract,  was just leaving- a popular rehearsal place apparently.  The directors arrived shortly after, talked to me, then I sang a bit from the show for Ann Stewart (I thought I’d mention this name to see if C recognizes it- it’s a bit unbelievable that she is still doing this!) and read a line for the director, Kevin, who said I read it perfect the first time.  Yes!  I was in.  Two other new ones joined me that night, and we rehearsed the first dance number.  Of course my first rehearsal would have to be a dance rehearsal.  For those who know me, I could never be considered a triple threat- far from it.  Of course I’m not much of a single or double threat either, but that’s beside the point. 😉

What?  I didn’t name the show?  Do you really need to know?  Are you sure this is the moment to say?  By the way, you can wish for me to break a leg, but I do break a neck in the show, or rather it will be broken for me… 😮

9 thoughts on “That’s General Lord Glossop to you…”

  1. NO WAY! I Can’t BELIEVE YOU GOT IN THAT! I AM JEALOUS! You sound just a bit excited! Congrats, my friend! Break a leg! I have been waiting to hear the results but as you surmised, the casting could be for any show in the season.

  2. I am trying to decode your first comment. Does it have anything to do with the professional group I tried out for awhile back? I did receive an email from them a bit ago that confirms callbacks on a show by show basis- Diary of Anne Frank in October, Nunsense in November by invitation only, calls to be made in the fall. I am actually hoping for a part, even a small one, in A Christmas Carol: The Musical. I saw the movie and was thoroughly entertained.

  3. Congrats! Though I’m never going to be able to guess the show, so you might as well say it.
    Now, how to make the performances occur on one of the two weekends per year we come to town? 😉
    We do have an IL trip planned Oct 8-9, but I don’t see how to add any more time to the day unless we stay an extra day, which I don’t know if it’s possible now that I’ve accepted the Sunday school teaching position… ah busyness. Well, good luck anyhow, let me know when it performs. At the very least, thank goodness for youtube!

  4. I think I’m of two minds on this show. Again, they added music to a story that would be just fine without it. But it is violent…

    When is the performance?

  5. The performances are the first three weekends of October, They make DVDs available for $25 which is far too much IMHO. I do get one free if I sell a certain amount of ads however, not that that is likely to happen with the time I have for it- but who knows?
    @Taylhis: I can guarantee your other half will know the show. Hmm- two halves, or sides… 😉
    I’ll upload and link to the ad tomorrow. 🙂

  6. Taylhis, I can guarantee that your hubby knows the show as well. I didn’t even have to peek! Our show runs the second weekend of October.

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