On This Night Of A Thousand Stars


Last night was the theatre’s (check out the new and improved website) annual awards night and it was filled with comedy, excitement, and a few tears.  The group lost a great asset this year and there was a fine tribute given in her honor by the interim president… very few dry eyes remained after that.  Conveniently, our fantastic host chose this moment to have an intermission. I think it was a fantastic touch to honor a lady who along with her husband have added so much to our group.

One of the highlights of the evening was a skit showcasing some of the characters from the past season as well as inserting themes from a 2002 production of A Christmas Carol which I was not a part of but have heard a great deal about.  This was also written by the talented MC who also provided a series of Jib-Jab videos on the projection screen for even more hilarity.

Another bit of humor was provided by the adorable couple who entertained with a parody of the song “One Day More” from the musical Les Miserables.

Overall, each of the awards were very well received.  However, I must say that i am biased when it comes to the special awards given out.  Justj and Carol each continue to go totally above and beyond.  J has been our unofficial videographer for several productions and single-handedly repaired the large, leaky roof which was so prominent during our summer production.

I would say that Carol is one of several ladies who act as honorary mothers to the group.  I had the profound honor of working with her backstage during The Nerd in September.  She was a great help in bringing the food used on stage, cleaning up cottage cheese, and helping keep a certain young boy under control backstage.  Both of these honorees exemplify the hard work and dedication necessary to keep a small community theatre afloat.

This brings me to daughter of one of these award winners (and she knows this is coming).  The director of the upcoming production of Over the Tavern is looking for someone to fill the role of the 16 year-old daughter, Annie.  Megan is about to turn 21; however, those around her and especially myself (as she will attest) feel that she would be wonderfully cast.  She agreed to read the script but made sure to voice her concern that she has at least one evening class during the week.  I proceeded to remind her that she bailed on our trip to Florida in October but the play is right in town and I’m sure the director would work around her if she fit the part.  Megan has constantly said that she has wanted to get back on stage and this would be a fine opportunity 😉  Ok… i think that is enough prodding.  Anyone else care to join in?  Maybe this will encourage her to comment.

Finally, the evening wrapped up after a group of us again congregated at the host’s home.  I have not laughed and had such a good time in awhile.  i also got to see many friends I have not seen in quite a while including a former co-worker whom I have not seen since last New Years.

5 thoughts on “On This Night Of A Thousand Stars”

  1. Yes, a great evening… not that the MC had any behind the scenes help or anything 😉
    I would have liked to see him win an award, but there is a trend of him being up against one of the best actors in the theater group, and last night was no exception.
    Megan, you should try out for Over The Tavern before you develop workaholic habits!

  2. Of course the MC had a lot of help behind the scenes, it showed. The evening went off with only a hitch or two. A bunch of fun.

  3. Yes…. a round of applause for the tech and assistant producer. Wouldn’t it be a ball if Derek did move to our little corner and join our cli…. oops, group.

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