Hey Rocky Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Out Of My Hat


There have been several one-night open and close flops on the Broadway stage. Some of these include a revival of George M. Cohan’s Little Johnny Jones (starring Donny Osmond); the more recent Dance of the Vampires; and quite famously, the musical based on the Stephen King novel Carrie. Apparently, there is another such production that is such a stinker that it is the show by which all stinkers must be compared : Moose Murders.

For a history and brief synopsis of the show and a recent 25th anniversary revival of sorts follow the link:
A Broadway Flop Again Raises Its Antlers

After reading the article, I noticed several signs that the show was doomed after its opening night performance. The opening night cast party at Sardi’s was vacated after dessert was served. One party goer gave a two word review of the show to its creator Arthur Bicknell (“the worst”). Mr. Bicknell spent the rest of the night drinking, talking with friends, and taking in a midnight drag show (NOW THAT’S DEPRESSING!!!! Who else would take in a drag show after a GOOD opening… or after a bad one for that matter?). Before going to bed the next morning, he walked by the Eugene O’Neill Theatre to find that the set was being unloaded from the stage. If none of the other occurrences had tipped him off…

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  1. hilarious, but you do have to feel badly for the guy. Too bad I just came from an fcf meeting before reading this, or I might have suggested Carrie the musical – sounds great for them and this area. There’s always next month…

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