Going Home Again


Thursday night, I returned to my “home” theatre after being away for a few months to play in another community group’s yard.  I don’t think ANY actor ever fully grows up.  That is another beautiful thing about theatre.  The more I do this the more I grow in determination to spread my wings and go even further.  But there is something to be said about becoming attached to one core group.  You become family as I have done with so many of the WCCT regulars.   Upon arriving at the theatre, I was immediately asked by everyone how my new experience went.  I must say that everything about it was magnificent: the cast, the director, the backstage people, EVERYONE involved was very welcoming.  But there is something intrinsically special about being around friends you have come to appreciate.  I hope I am able to return to the Huber stage as well to work with some and make more new experiences there.

As j pointed out, I believe every actor has a group that he just likes to act with.  I do not think there is one tangible reason for this.  Call it chemistry, past experience, whatever.  When you find one and hopefully more fellow thespians that you feel a bond with, it makes the on stage experience even more magical.  You feed off each others energy.  I have a list as well and my experience in St. Louis only increased that list.  There was one young man whom I did not even have a scene with (well I did in a sense) that I would be honored to share the stage with again… and it was his first time on stage!  Although I KNOW I have an abundant amount of energy, his was even more infectious.

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  1. Mary Schaufelberger

    If anyone from my home theatre reads this, I’m probably going to be in some trouble, but it’s the way I feel and I’m going to stick up for myself. Granted, we have a core group also with the Village Players, and there are a few that I have that “chemistry” with: the ones that bring out the real character in me. But lately I have just felt a desire to work with new people…to be able to come in, practice, maybe help out a little with set, whatever, and then go home and not have to be “burdened” with the behind the scenes drama and the extra stress that is thrown on you from having to be responsible for all that is needed to be done for a show. (THAT was definitely a run on sentence!) I long for the days of having fun with a show, and this last show (MMISL) was the closest thing I’ve had to “having fun” since probably 1993. This last show was enough to geek me up again! I’m forever in debt to you Jamy for telling us about LSOH….I don’t care if I’m a bag lady, I am just really excited to meet some new people and maybe do some learning. Ok, I’ll quit rambling….I tend to do that…..;)

  2. Never be afraid to venture out and try different venues…. circumstances permitting. I was involved with ACT and Fountain City Festival (B-town’s summer musical that has been doin shows for the past 10 years) before becoming involved with WCCT. ACT was a bit of a drive but I managed for two different summer shows.

  3. Mary

    Every theater group in this area has some backstage drama going on. It wouldn’t be community theater without it. I’ve done a show in Hicksville many, many years ago, and we had drama there. In my first show at WCCT there was some drama too. I’ve heard about the same thing happening all over, especially on a trip to OCTA. Must be something about getting all of us witty, talented, intelligent people together. 😉 Or throwing in the one or two bad eggs. I’ve learned over the years to say no every once in a while. Keeps people looking for your help, but doesn’t over extend your time. I also try to leave the dramas on stage, and not back stage.

  4. Mary Schaufelberger

    Saying no….I haven’t done that in quite a few years. As of January I got off the board, so I think things will be better. I won’t feel as obligated to do things when asked. Thanks to both of you for your comments.
    Justj, what show were you in? I think cast swapping will be fun once in a while!

    OCTA….oh the fun fun times of OCTA…..;) I think my best memories are the ones that….er, nevermind. I don’t want to give you a bad first impression….tee hee!

    Dear Jamy, you were also a blast to work with and you’re also welcome anytime!

  5. I am on play reading and production board. There can be drama in both so I don’t see myself piling on anymore than that in the near future… unlike others.

  6. Mary Schaufelberger

    So, who would I speak with about offering a donation to your group? We had a board meeting tonight and I got permission to offer your group something….if you all are interested. At our old theatre, the Front Row, we have nice gray/silver travelling curtain. Our group will never use it again, as it is for a small stage. It’s still hanging in the Front Row, but we believe it’s still in good shape. We would love for your group to have it if you are interested. Not sure about measurements, but that can be obtained if you want it. Let me know!!!

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