It is gettng very close… about a month and a half (of course, February is a VERY short month!!!!).  However, I am very, VERY pleased with where I am at this point in the process.  After all, I have never before embarked on an adventure quite like this… from infancy to finish, my OWN creation but I would be lying if I did not tell you that I am really excited!  K told me that we are definitely where I need to be just going through each piece one by one over an over again.  I see two of my list are more challenging than others for reasons that are very apparent to both of us!  Definitely will be focusing on those this week.

I was thrilled by one of her comments today!  It seems that her family was listening to one of the songs I will be performing (one of my top picks… one that HAD to be on the program). She informed me that my interpretation outshines the artist who performed the song in the OBC (Original Broadway Cast for those of you not in the know).  Let me reiterate that this will be an extremely family-friendly show with no questionable songs or staging (I’ll save that for my grand 20th spectacle).  In fact, I would not be surprised if I incorporated a bit of audience interaction throughout.  Not to worry, I would know who NOT to call upon.  St. Patty’s Day weekend… I have a spot to fill perhaps a nice Irish tune.

It seems that I have been a walking billboard for my terrific coach.  Not one but two people have asked me how to get in touch with her.  My cousin, who is in a band, told me that she has been trying to find a good vocal teacher and was unaware that there was one in the immediate area.

In other production news, it seems that “the other me” has made quite an impression.  The promotional photo for the theatre’s redux of Escanaba in da Moonlight features a gentleman who just happens to share names with me but bears little resemblance.  Numerous people around the area have come up and asked me how the play was going.  At times, I have forgotten what they were talking about and inform them that it is not me in the cast.  I have worked on stage with J2 but not this time.


  1. …another day another destiny;
    this neverending road to Calvary…


    So, jamiahsh has a doppleganger. I shudder for the world. 😀
    just kidding!

    Better than Broadway, eh? Let me know when I can buy the jamiahsh cast recording. 🙂 Break a leg!

  2. Speaking of Les Mis, there is a new piece being added for the big screen just for Hugh Jackman who is playing Jean ValJean.

    I don’t know who to feel sorrier for J or J2.

    My interpretation was applauded. Time will tell if the performance is comparable but I am REALLY excited!

  3. Wolverine as ValJean {shudders}

    I’m sure you’re saving the title as a surprise, but be sure to let us readers know after the fact, and congrats on your outstanding rehearsal-performance of the song- I’m sure the final performance will go at least as well.

  4. Yes, he is extremely multi-talented.

    I am saving the program details until March 16. The only ones who know are my coach, accompanist, and the few others who are actually part of my show entitled “Songs I Have Learned.” I think that is a broad enough title 😉

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