A Boy And His Horses


In more Harry Potter related news, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry himself) will be making his Broadway stage debut on September 5 at the Broadhurst Theatre. Last year, he received rave reviews for his London stage debut in Peter Shaffer’s play, Equus. The story of Alan Strang, a rather disturbed young stable boy who has an unusual fixation with horses. However, the psychiatrist who attempts to must solve the mystery of Alan’s sexual and religious perversion has his own hidden psychological trauma. Incidentally, the psychiatrist will be played by Richard Griffiths who also plays the role of Harry’s eternally frustrated Uncle Vernon in the Potter films. A few words of warning to those who may think that the play will delight the young fans of the boy wizard (although “delight” may not be the most appropriate term). Equus is definitely NOT a play to introduce to young children. Its heavy adult themes and scenes are much too heavy perhaps even for some adult theatregoers.

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4 thoughts on “A Boy And His Horses”

  1. Yeccch. I just read the plot synopsis at Wiki and I don’t think I would ever want to see this show let alone act in it. Not for kids at all

  2. One of the funniest moments at a cast party one time occured when someone (who is no longer with the theater group – coincidence?) drew this play for charades… quite amusing what he came up with – so glad it wasn’t me!!!

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