Knowing One’s Place


In all honesty, I have to say that the current production I am part of is the most difficult time I have ever had and I do not have to memorize one line of dialog. There are several roles both on stage and off in any show. It just so happens that my presence for The Nerd is strictly off stage. Not that it has not been and continues to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I get to sit back night after night and watch the thespians on stage create their roles. All eight of them are doing a fabulous job developing realistic personas not only through the written word but through movement and (to me) most importantly facial expression. Not only are the lines significant, what goes on along with those words may be even more so.

The character playing Rick is just bewildering. Even when he is not speaking, he is doing something that is just soooo hard not to focus your attention on, making the other characters on stage that much more uncomfortable. His mouth open, staring at a character one minute, wandering around paying no attention to someone yelling at him the next. The eyeglasses add an even greater effect. Once he gets his script away, I know that he will be able to take it to an even higher level. I cannot wait to see the costumes. And that voice?! 😯 Plus, I am so excited to be watching HIM on stage.

I have also been impressed by the gentleman playing Tocky (… or is it Ticky?). He has some of the best lines in the show and is very strong characterwise. Audiences will howl when he gets angry at his young son or becomes flabbergasted by the nerd’s constant nerdiness. Thor (Ticky’s son) is a very close relative of mine and he can be as bothersome as the character on stage.

Everyone else is doing great; I will make it a point to focus on others in future posts as soon as I can find intriguing things to mention about them.  I stilll have a bit of time.

4 thoughts on “Knowing One’s Place”

  1. You’re so nice 🙂
    But Chris IS hilarious. Hopefully I will get to come to every show. I don’t watch at rehearsal too much because part of me wants to be surprised at the finished show, but sometimes it’s hard not to watch.
    What is difficult about your job? So many props? I was thinking about how many props will need replacing every night, like the food and the paper bags, etc. Better make yourself a checklist!

  2. Being nice has nothing to do with it. All the props will be fun. Of course, I won’t be able to sit in the audience for the finished product. I’m sure others know what the HARDEST part for ME is 🙂 but still fun especially with members of this cast, crew, and groupies 😉

  3. I thought I heard “Tacky” this afternoon. From what this producer has seen, it looks like it will be a good show. The cast seems to be bonding nicely. Good stage presence for everyone. It already looks like they are re-acting instead of just acting. And to do that with the books still in hand is extraordinary.

  4. You did hear a “Tacky” as you should have. I think poor Waldgrave gets called every name but his own. One actor even has trouble with the actual name that had hilarious consequences that may or may not make it to the finished show 🙂

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