A Break From The Chaos


Well…. not really chaos (unless you include Thor…. just kidding, but I was never 8-years-old). Opening weekend of The Nerd went very well. There were huge laughs, audiences for each of the three shows (although today’s performance was questionable… at 5pm Saturday, there were only 6-7 reservations of which 4 were my family members). The only major thing that I encountered was the absence of real deviled eggs.. sorry Carol.) Also to Chris for the absence… I would find it difficult to eat a hard-boiled egg and have that dry texture in my mouth. And the pop will be waiting for you at intermission from Thursday night onward (put it in my script: POP @ INTERMISSION 4 CHRIS!!!)

Let’s see… Saturday night the cast was to have an 80’s Night Party at the lounge across from the theatre. After about 10 minutes inside, a group of us decided to be a bunch of “godless party poopers” and held our own gathering elsewhere. The highlight of the party had to be the The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia in which 2 of the competitors knew more about the world of Disney than I and our ever so gracious hosts formed a team (thinking that two heads are better than one).  But all in all a truly successful opening… coming from someone who sees absolutely nothing of what is happening on stage.

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