Cultures & ELL

I bookended my three days in elementary (Tuesday was in a mentally impaired classroom) with middle-school jobs at the same school.  Monday I subbed for a specialty teacher who teaches a course about cultures.  I am not sure what it entails, but is a separate course from the normal history/social studies courses.  Being a specialty …

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Free Rice!

A great friend told me about a website where you answer trivia questions for fun, and every correct response you give earns free rice for starving people! So close that pointless solitaire game you were playing and go to https://www.freerice.com.  You start donating the rice by taking the vocabulary quiz in the middle of the …

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I have been doing a lot of catching up on TV shows lately.  This has eaten into my available time to write in this blog.  That, and my interest is sort of lagging right now.  I now have several DVDs I checked out of the library in addition to several hours of TV shows I …

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