It’s official – there is a flu wreaking havoc in our house.  I don’t know if it’s H1N1, but all the signs are there.  Our middle-schooler came down with it Friday night, and she’s been in bed ever since.  She had to miss a birthday party and church this weekend, and she won’t be going …

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The flu season is upon us, and it’s obvious.  In our family, we are teetering between two outbreaks of illness.  Last week, it was hand, foot, and mouth disease (not to be confused with its fear-provoking counterpart, foot and mouth disease, which is only found in animals).  The kids had little bumps on their hands, …

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Still healthy

So that’s the way it is, is it?  I’m fine, thank you for asking.  Okay, I know all of you do care as I know you well enough to know this- clearly I just caught all of you in a busy time, perhaps with your own scares of this flu.  But I still have to …

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