email forward

A Regional Forward

With amusement and much scrutiny, I peruse most of the many email forwards I receive…  Occasionally, one will catch my eye.  Such is the case for the forward containing the following picture entitled: “Sauder Woodworking Company Takes Over GM” I found it extremely amusing, but I began to think of the entertainment value of the …

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Stress Relief

I received a helpful email forward that I thought I  would share in case any of my readers have some stress and they  are looking for ways to unwind… Just in case you are having a rough day, here is a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological journals. The funny thing is …

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Why Your Dog REALLY Goes Outside

I really hope I’m not condoning cruelty here, but I found the following video I got in an email forward so amusing.  I figure in this era of photoshop and trick videography and the like, no one was harmed in the filming of the video, right? Why your dog REALLY goes outside: Lisa

Laundry, Origami-Style

I received an interesting email forward the other day; it’s a Japanese video that shows a woman folding a shirt perfectly in a matter of seconds using an origami technique.  I haven’t tried it out yet; I’ve been too busy blogging instead of folding my laundry 🙂 Lisa

A-Z’s of Me

I received another ‘getting to know you’ email forward, and this one promises to be ‘different’ so here goes… Here’s a new one & it’s much better than previous versions. Cut and paste and fill in the answers. Then, send to all your friends! *A – Age:              30 *B – Bed size:      Queen *C – …

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