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While reading headlines today, I came across the arrest of Christian Bale that happened on Sunday following the phenomenal opening of The Dark Knight. I have two different reactions to this. First, it seems quite interesting that mum and sis would report an assault by a 34 year-old man and then have their son/brother (a …


Bale Bails Out

I couldn’t resist re-printing the following news item about the star of The Dark Knight, Christian Bale.  Note the part about police not wanting to question him so they don’t interfere with the premiere of the movie.  Seems he took his Batman fight training a little too seriously? LONDON, England (AP) — Batman star Christian …

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The Dark Knight

We ventured out to see the midnight showing of The Dark Knight last week, and I haven’t written about it until now because I’ve been so busy, but I figured I better make some time for it before I forget, so here it goes… It all began when we found out our little local theater …

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