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Name Origins

With the revelation that we will be parents of a baby boy for the first time ever, I guess this puts the great ‘Frances’ debate to rest – at least for now.  Since we already have 3 lovely girls and have gotten to name them all of our favorite names, I thought I’d like to

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Baby Names – Part II

Well, we have narrowed down our choices for baby names!  (Insert drum roll here) They are: FIRST NAMES: Mallory Lindsay Evangeline MIDDLE NAMES: Autumn Athina (or Athena as it’s usually spelled; I like the first one better) Alexandra We know we want a middle name that starts with an “A” because all of our girls

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Baby Names

Ok, with a baby on the way, I’ve got baby names on the brain.  With 3 girls already, we’ve exhausted our supply of favorite girls’ names.  Since we just found out this one is also most likely a girl, we have been pondering ways to name the baby.  Our first 3 all have middle names

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