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With the revelation that we will be parents of a baby boy for the first time ever, I guess this puts the great ‘Frances’ debate to rest – at least for now.  Since we already have 3 lovely girls and have gotten to name them all of our favorite names, I thought I’d like to name our fourth girl after my deceased grandmother Frances, even though neither me nor my husband really like the name itself.  But, since we’re now having a boy and I got my husband to let us name the baby after him and his father, we don’t have to worry about the Frances issue anymore – but I wonder if getting to name the baby Christopher has me losing leverage if we were to need any baby girl names for the future?  While thinking about all this name business, I searched through my email for our arrival announcement of our third daughter who has quite an unusual name, and if you’re wondering, here is the email we sent out when she was born about how we came up with it:

How did she get the name Disney?

Well… We took our honeymoon (back in 1999) at Disney World in Florida and
a few weeks after we returned we discovered we were pregnant with our first-born Taylor!
The next time we would go to Disney World in 2003 we would return home to
learn that there was again some “Disney magic” and baby Samantha was on her
way! In late 2004 we decided we wanted another baby but we were
disapointed month after month; it seemed we were having trouble getting
pregnant for the thrid time… But wouldn’t you know it — we took a trip
to Disney World in early 2006 and guess what? MAGIC — AGAIN!  So in October of 2006, we welcomed Disney Alyssa!

As I’ve said to people many times, her name seems to have worked, because it truly fits the child.  Disney is our most mild-mannered, sweet, and happy child so far.  But it makes me wonder, since little Christopher is the only one who was conceived without Disney World magic, could this be the secret to us finally having a boy?!?

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  1. Well, you could always name him Francis instead of Frances (or is it the other way around?). He would be called Frank for short though. Personally, I don’t like that name- maybe it has something to do with a classmate named Frank who invited me to his house when I was in sixth of seventh grade, or thereabouts, and he grabbed my crotch. Never set foot there again…

  2. The masculine version of Francis is even worse than the feminine version, in my opinion – especially after reading about your “friend”. And I have to tell you that your comment is probably the funniest I’ve ever read!!! Came at such a great time too – the kids were driving me nuts and I was literally in tears until I read your comment and laughed out loud – so THANKS!!! 🙂

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