Mara’s Death


I have loved the character of Mara Jade ever since I first read Timothy Zahn’s book Heir to the Empire. In fact, I have all eight of his Star Wars books and they all deal with Mara some way. When she was first introduced, she wanted to kill Luke Skywalker, but later married him! Talk about some major emotional change. Going from wanting to kill someone to marrying them ten years later, is pretty good! Mara is one of the favorite characters in the Expanded Universe, and yet, they killed her off! And by her nephews hand, no less! Jacen Solo turned to the Dark Side and killed his aunt! The way the fight between Mara and Jacen went, Jacen should have died too! He had a ceiling collapse on him and yet he still survived! I understand that this was one of the easier ways to show that Ben, Luke and Mara’s son, was important, but so many people were not happy. The auther didn’t like that Mara died, and she killed her off! Timothy Zahn didn’t like how she was killed, but is willing to continue writing books with Mara in them! I just can’t wait for another book with Mara to come out! And with Timothy Zahn as the writer, makes me even more impatient! I have no idea if he is working on one right now or not!

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  1. You are still going on about this, I have a feeling you will continue saying how you don’t like it until Timothy Zahn writes more Books with Mara

  2. I have stopped reading the expanded series of novels. Not because they were not enjoyable, just lack of time. I thought Mara was a great character and I think Zahn is by far the best writer in the series. Hopefully someday I will seek out the rest. I quit somewhere in the New Jedi Order cycle. I almost quit after they killed Chewbacca.

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