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Yesterday I was talking with my friend, Rachel, about Star Wars, which is reall weird, since for the longest time she didn’t even like having it mentioned. But yesterday, she was willing to listen and participate in my talking about Mara and how I didn’t think that a poison dart should have been able to kill her. She was the Emperor’s Hand for goodness sake! She was one of his personal assassin and knew so many tricks to the Sith, though she never was one herself. She didn’t fall for Jacen’s trick that he tried to pull when she had the roof fall on top of him. Why should she be kiled by something as simple as a poison dart? If the Karen Traviss insisted that Mara had to die, than couldn’t she have thought of a way to do so that was fitting to the character?

 Rachel and I have deciced that Mara really wasn’t killed, because in the Legacy of the Force series, Mara wasn’t acting like herself at all. She was all passive and not willing to believe Luke when he tried to tell her that Jacen was turning to the Dark Side. Mara had seen the Emperor, had known Vader, she should have been the first one to believe Luke on this, and yet, for some reason, she wasn’t. She didn’t believe him until six books into the series. How can Mara change so suddenly in the books, from the woman that Timothy Zahn had created, to some different kind of woman, that someone else made her? Sure, she had a son, and yes, I agree that Mara would be protective of him, but the way I have seen Timothy Zahn write about Mara, she wouldn’t become passive and almost scared to do things. She would be active, ready to do whatever necessary to protect him. She had sent him off while he was just born to safety and continued fighting against the Yuuzhan Vong, to keep the galaxy safe. With all this, Rachel and I came up with the clone idea, though of course Tony doesn’t believe me. 🙁 Just because they had her funeral and she became a force ghost! Though we have been talking, and his friend said that we could bring her back with a Dark Jedi turning to the Light Side and sacrificing himself to bring her back, using the Force. That would be really nice. I could always write a fanfic and put it on one of those Star Wars fanfiction sites. I wouldn’t get money from it, but at least I would feel like I had some say in the way the authors are writing. Timothy Zahn wasn’t even told by Del Rey that Mara was going to be killed off. Talk about a shock when he read it.   

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  1. Not a clone, corrupted by the darkside maybe. She was on that path once before, could she have started on the path again. A short time of indecision and bang hit with a dart. Makes you wonder when you say she wasn’t herself. Times of self turmoil can make the strongest seem weak.

  2. Everthought maybe that her rasing a family made her a little softer, or perhaps she wasn’t as strong since in the Yuuzhan Vong war, since she was fighting a sickness, and it wasn’t until near the end of the series that she was able to conquer it.

  3. Yes… I do remember that she was ill during the NJO cycle. I doubt if they would reuse a corrupted clone plot. Was that not one from the original Zahn trilogy.

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